Console/Widget Intro for customers

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering whether or not it's beneficial to record a video to play before our webinars kick off explaining the ON24 console a little more. How they can re-size the icons, use the widgets, etc.. I know Mark Bornstein does an explanation in the start of his webinars. Has anyone else done this or do you just have a voice over-intro at the start? Our webinars are customer-facing and not sure the tech-savviness of them.

That would be helpful to have short (1-2 min) videos that provide tips, best practices, etc.

It's something that I haven't implemented yet, but it's definitely on my radar. I hypothesize that it would motivate greater console interaction and maybe even allow you to have more widgets available, even if they don't open at the start. I'm also curious to hear how others have benefitted from this or the opposite. Have others seen pushback from attendees on the length of the intro before content?

I think, with the platform ever evolving, it would make sense for ON24 to offer some sort of walkthrough feature using Joyride, or something like it, that highlights all the pieces included in a given webinar:

It would be a lot less time consuming to maintain for one party than for all the individual companies using ON24, and can be applied each time there's a change to a component/feature, so that the description/information is always accurate.

Also, using something like Joyride would be less time consuming and less costly to produce for ON24 than videos.

Also, ON24 could tailor the walkthrough so that users who have used the platform before can just be directed to recent changes, or take the complete walkthrough again from end-to-end, depending on what they prefer. The walkthrough feature is always there, so users can take a refresher any time. Also, if users provide feedback on the walkthrough, we'd all benefit from the insights.

Lots of possiblities.

Similarly, when new features are rolled out on the dashboard, reports, et cetera, ON24 can leverage the same technology to walk us through those changes the next time we log in to do our work.

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This would be really helpful and help me out by not having to review this each and every time. It would also be nice to have it customizable to the widgets you are using within the console.

We do use a looping video during the 15 minute lobby period prior to the start of the webinar. This way when people join, they see how they can manuever around the console. Once the webinar starts, I do a very brief overview of only the key widgets. That seems to work for us, but there are always questions that come in about how to do something. I guess you can never ensure that everyone is listening (or watching) at the beginning.

Yes this is a great idea. Unfortunately ON24 play music as people enter the room and thus are presented only with a static slide. If this element was a video it would be perfect. I personally am always testing the boundaries of webinar space and give ON24 a good run for its money. Here is an example but try it for yourself as a test first. We know that if we have a webinar at 5pm the room opens at 4:50 to play music snd nothing else other than a slide which is boring to say the least. Instead don't tell anyone but have your webinar start at 4:45pm and thus play an intro video, motivational, corporate ad roll whatever with still intent on starting at 5pm. It's a sneaky but clever workaround for something I suggested 2 years ago. Just don't tell Tiffany I said anything haha

I think if you could keep it down to 1 minute or less, you'd probably be fine. Maybe just highlight the major features you want them to take advantage of and do it quickly. I think having to sit for 2 minutes learning about the webinar tool from a user POV I may start to zone out.

Do you know if you can have multiple videos that play on a loop with, say, a slide?

I really like the idea of pre-recording one to play intermittently during the 15 minute window before the event however, I think I'll always have the moderator do a live intro with housekeeping - for all those folks who join at the start time and also for the personal touch. Webinars can be impersonal and I've always got an eye on how to break down that barrier.

We do company branded intro video

we do a voice over for the console controls. Works for us.

We have thought about running a video that is just a promotion of other learning products so it doen't take up time during the webinar.

I always explain how the software works for a few minutes at the beginning of each session. Otherwise I end up answering questions the entire way through.

We actually started off doing video intros, but switched to just explaining via audio only, as with the time delay on the video, (attendees viewing bandwidth at different speeds) presenters sometimes would get confused as to when to start speaking. I do like the idea of a looping video playing before the webcast starts with instructions - I think we'd definitely use this feature.

Good point as long as the video is few seconds and offering added value to the viewers.

I usually record a few slides that play at the beginning of the webinar with reminders to check the volume on their computer, how to ask questions, etc.

I've never thought about recording this...I have the moderator go over the console at the start. Now my wheels are turning and I'm curious if a recording could work...

I haven't used an intro video yet but I like the idea.

Big fan of doing this! Especially if the speakers for the webinar do a sneak peek

I love your thinking and I think this is a great idea but not sure how often you might need to update it wihen it comes to console changes. That is work and get tricky. I find that even if I do a live demonstration at the beginning I still get questions throughout. I would like to get other feedback from people or even see what they do for their opening . We do a live opening and then we do a video of us as a company and then we go into the webinar Itself.